Lung Cancer – Uncover 3 Self Help Methods

Lung Cancer, we all know the seriousness of this disease. We also know that a high percentage of these cases start with smokers. Once you get lung cancer what do you do? In a few minutes we will uncover some things that will help you through rough times.

Modern Medical Treatments

The three things modern medicine provides as treatment for lung cancer is: Radiation, Chemotherapy and Surgery.

We know these treatments have a limited success rate and they kill good as well as bad cells in the process. If you don’t know of any other alternatives, then you pretty much count on the above three for your life.

More Options

The last thing you need is someone telling you everything will be all right. Lung cancer is a serious disease, there is no sugar coating that. What you need to look at is, how can you help yourself?

Here are 3 things to think about:

  1. The Thinking Process – we know how powerful the mind is. This powerful mind works both ways. A lot of people immediately shut down when they hear the word Cancer. They are drained of hope and options, they give up. Their mind becomes a powerful weapon against them, reverse this. If you adopt the attitude “I’m going down fighting” your mind will reverse it’s thinking. You will find yourself looking for alternatives, you’ll be searching for answers.
  2. Natural Healing – your body is programmed to survive, survive and thrive. Nature was here long before drug companies, but if you don’t go out and look for it, it will not come to you. Modern medicine doesn’t prescribe to natures remedies, so don’t expect them to offer much in this area. You need to do some of the footwork yourself.
  3. Understanding – if we know that cancer grows in an acidic environment, then why do we keep eating acidic foods? If we know that our immune system is the line of defense against cancer, then why do we continue to do things to break it down? Understand the causes and you can help yourself to the cure.

These things shouldn’t be mysteries to people, but they are. Now, when it comes to natural homeopathic substances, this is more complicated.

There are specific things that focus on lung cancer recovery. This requires a certified practitioner who can guide you in your specific needs. There are foods that are safe which have antioxidant properties: Garlic, lumes, broccoli, lemons, honey, the list is big.

These products are easily found in local markets and don’t cost that much.

Vitamin C is a good antioxidant, for smokers it’s suggested to take 5 times the normal amount to offset toxins in your lungs. The worse side effect of to much vitamin C is diarrhea, this indicates your body is saturated and taking any more vitamin C is a waste.