How Much Self-Care Is Too Much?

When my client asked me that I asked her, “are you able to keep up with your obligations and marketing initiatives?”

The answer was not only a yes, but…

It was a whopping, “I have more time in my schedule to get things done then I ever have!!!”

This is because she is clear on her three goals for this year.

That’s right three and only three. It doesn’t mean there aren’t a bunch of mini goals and benchmarks within each of the three bigger goals, BUT what this does allow her is a clear focused plan for her time AND energy. Translation, not taking on more than she needs to.

She still has time to serve her clients in a powerful way, spend the time with her family in a way that is important to her, AND practice copious amounts of self-care!!

Back to self-care…

She asked this question after undergoing two self-care treatments in one day.

The best part is after the second one, she came back to a message waiting for her from a new client wanting to work with her.

This has been after weeks of this happening. She adds in more of what she loves, is feeling happy and fulfilled – and not overwhelmed by a never ending to do list – and voilà, clients literally keep showing-up!!

This is it people.

This is how simple the law of attraction is. You think it and it shows up.

This client in particular has just pretty much tripled her business from where she was last year.

And the best part? It is not from DOING more.

Let me repeat.

This is not from DOING more.

This revenue increase is flowing far more easefully then last year at this time. She was working much harder to receive 1/3 of the business.

Who she is BE-ING has shifted.

This isn’t about adding in self-care because we think we should with there being a lot of “buzz” around it these days.

It’s because we truly are taking the time to tune into doing the things we love.

We are valuing ourselves.

This is self-love.

This is completely different energetically then doing it because we think we need to. One is a “should” but we’re secretly still running around ragged.

The other, is a mindful conscious loving decision, where we’ve stepped out of fear, and into trust, love and quite frankly abundance.

Per of the law of attraction, what we put out comes back.

When we value ourselves and do what we love, we create just that. More love and abundance.

People, clients and opportunities just “show-up”. Does it mean we don’t take inspired action though?

Heck no.

You’re willing to put yourself out there. You’re willing to be you. You’re willing to follow-up and you’re willing to reach out.

The funny thing though, is once you do the inner work and move through the discomfort of removing old paradigms and thought systems no longer serving you, these type of activities no longer feel uncomfortable. They feel inspired and exciting. You can’t wait to connect with new people you can help and serve.

Because you believe in yourself.

And that is what it’s all about <3 <3 <3