North By Northwest Announces New Workshop – Self-Care Strategies for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

As a solopreneur or professional at the helm of a small team, there are a seemingly endless number of tasks that need to be ticked off a daily To Do List each day. The well-being of a manager can slowly fall further and further down that list of priorities.

Spending too many hours on a business venture – and not enough on a personal life and self-care – is the fast-track to burnout.

“It’s Not the Amount of Work We Do that Causes Burnout!” For many entrepreneurs, it’s not the workload that makes people fall off the health wagon. Instead, it’s the feelings that entrepreneurs have around their work – like the overwhelming feeling that they are never off duty; the harrowing guilt that comes up when they try to step away from their business; and the never-ending pressure to achieve and succeed – which becomes overwhelming and stressful.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Self-Care Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs was created to get professionals back on track.

In this four-module self-guided course – complete with an Action Plan clients can implement at the end of each module and exercise worksheets to help them define their own self-care plan.

– Start taking care of themselves: mind, body and spirit, so they can transform their life and business (and feel happier and more successful, too)

– Create a strong and healthy body, so they have the much-needed energy and stamina to grow a thriving business

– Nurture their emotional well-being and safeguard against emotional burnout by setting firm boundaries

Module 1: The Whole-Body Entrepreneur

– Why self-care keeps slipping from their grasp (and how to stop the slide) – so they can break their old habits for good and build a sustainable self-care routine.

– 7 signs of burnout they need to take seriously – and what to do about them

– 6 signs of stress – and how to permanently defuse it

– Why they are stuck in distraction (and how to get out) – because ditching those time drains will free them up to do the things they love

Module 2: A Strong & Healthy Body Makes Good Business Sense

– The dangerous health habits common to entrepreneurs and how to spot them – so they can kick them to the curb today

– The real reason why making time to be healthy never seems to work – and the simple hacks and strategies they can use to fix this

– How to identify their energy drains

– 6 tips and tricks for fitting self-care painlessly back into their everyday life – easy to adopt rituals and habits to help stop destructive practices and strengthen the well-being of their life and business

Module 3: Nurture Your Emotional Well-being

– 6 “emotional well-being” deal breakers-including what they are and how to handle them

– 6 surefire warning signs they may be running into a client from hell – including what to do when their client-to-be is both needy and nice

– 5 painless ways to ditch the energy vampires and complainers – it may be the kindest thing they do for both of them

– Why neglecting their boundaries has a direct effect on business decisions – and how to successfully change this habit

– How to be proactive in handling negative people and situations – and what they can do to help prevent it from happening

– How to create a Emotional Well-being Profile – and use it to strengthen their boundaries naturally and painlessly

Module 4: Creativity Comes from the Soul

– 10 ways to get over negative perceptions and insecurities – and how to start truly, deeply loving themselves

– 5 must-take steps necessary to make any major lifestyle change – including what they should make time for, why they don’t and how to change that, for good

– How to create their own Emotional Well-being Profile – and finally figure out what’s essential for them to maintain confidence, good health, and true happiness

This workshop will enable clients to:

– Get rid of past self-sabotaging habits that drain their energy

– Put a real, practical self-care routine into practice (and finally understand why it’s so hard to stick to one in the first place-so they will never “fall off” again)

– Set themselves up for a rich and fulfilling life and business where their needs are met (and so are the needs of their clients and customers)

– Be the successful, shining entrepreneurs or businesswoman they always wanted to be

Whatever a clients physical, emotional, and spiritual goals are, it’s all possible when they take this first step.

Check out their website for more information on their SelfCare Bootcamp and other workshops and planners:

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How Much Self-Care Is Too Much?

When my client asked me that I asked her, “are you able to keep up with your obligations and marketing initiatives?”

The answer was not only a yes, but…

It was a whopping, “I have more time in my schedule to get things done then I ever have!!!”

This is because she is clear on her three goals for this year.

That’s right three and only three. It doesn’t mean there aren’t a bunch of mini goals and benchmarks within each of the three bigger goals, BUT what this does allow her is a clear focused plan for her time AND energy. Translation, not taking on more than she needs to.

She still has time to serve her clients in a powerful way, spend the time with her family in a way that is important to her, AND practice copious amounts of self-care!!

Back to self-care…

She asked this question after undergoing two self-care treatments in one day.

The best part is after the second one, she came back to a message waiting for her from a new client wanting to work with her.

This has been after weeks of this happening. She adds in more of what she loves, is feeling happy and fulfilled – and not overwhelmed by a never ending to do list – and voilà, clients literally keep showing-up!!

This is it people.

This is how simple the law of attraction is. You think it and it shows up.

This client in particular has just pretty much tripled her business from where she was last year.

And the best part? It is not from DOING more.

Let me repeat.

This is not from DOING more.

This revenue increase is flowing far more easefully then last year at this time. She was working much harder to receive 1/3 of the business.

Who she is BE-ING has shifted.

This isn’t about adding in self-care because we think we should with there being a lot of “buzz” around it these days.

It’s because we truly are taking the time to tune into doing the things we love.

We are valuing ourselves.

This is self-love.

This is completely different energetically then doing it because we think we need to. One is a “should” but we’re secretly still running around ragged.

The other, is a mindful conscious loving decision, where we’ve stepped out of fear, and into trust, love and quite frankly abundance.

Per of the law of attraction, what we put out comes back.

When we value ourselves and do what we love, we create just that. More love and abundance.

People, clients and opportunities just “show-up”. Does it mean we don’t take inspired action though?

Heck no.

You’re willing to put yourself out there. You’re willing to be you. You’re willing to follow-up and you’re willing to reach out.

The funny thing though, is once you do the inner work and move through the discomfort of removing old paradigms and thought systems no longer serving you, these type of activities no longer feel uncomfortable. They feel inspired and exciting. You can’t wait to connect with new people you can help and serve.

Because you believe in yourself.

And that is what it’s all about <3 <3 <3

Self-Care for Creative Artists: 10 Reasons To Care About It

1. To be more comfortable in performance situations – performance anxiety usually stems from a variety of causes – physical, mental and emotional. Maintaining your overall health and wellness, including keeping your stress at a manageable level, managing your negative thinking tendencies and getting the emotional support you need, will diffuse some of this anxiety before you hit the stage.

2. To connect more and isolate less – other creative artists can provide you with inspiration, understanding and support. Looking at your social and communication habits can help you to deepen these relationships and allow them to enrich your life.

3. To have enough energy for everything you want to do – healthy habits will give you a fresh spark of energy and a clear mind.

4. To relax – relaxing, letting go and gaining some perspective on the creative process can help you to ease into it, and to let what’s meant to be expressed come out naturally.

5. To use your physical environment to make you more creative – paying more attention to your physical surroundings and how they affect your creativity and well-being can have infinite rewards, once you take the steps to create your ideal environment.

6. To find time for what’s important – learning how to say “no” to things that are draining your time and energy, in order to say “yes” to yourself and your art.

7. To deepen your creative experience – self-awareness and personal growth will add depth to your creative expression.

8. To stop sabotaging your own efforts – more awareness into the choices you’re making will help to shine a light on your hidden and destructive self-sabotage patterns.

9. To take the power away from your inner critic – learning to recognize, hear and then dismiss the voice of the inner critic will increase your confidence and give you back a sense of empowerment.

10. To have easier access to your muse – whether it’s speaking to you as your own higher self, a higher power greater than yourself, or through someone else’s music, art or words, it’s sometimes necessary to “set the stage” for these important conversations. Why make your muse compete with your inner critic, your busy schedule, your late-night adventures or the many other users of your time and energy?

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